Current stats of the premium ad-network : ~100M pages views and ~250k clicks per day.

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Start a new advertising campaign on the bit-ad premium network in less than 30 seconds (simple text only, with banners & advanced configurations it could take few minutes) !
We select only the best websites (crypto-related) with a high value trafic for your best interests. You are able to choose the languages and/or the countries of users where your ad will be displayed so you will get only the users you want and your funds won't be waste ! You can also choose if you want to advertise by CPC or CPM.

Add a campaign

STEP 1 - Quick look of our rates

You can skip this part but to help you understand our rates, there is a simple tool to let you imagine how much a visitor could cost depending your settings. Just move the range bar bellow for an example.

0.18 TRX CPC indicative rate
This rate is adaptable in the last step as well as the CPM / POP rate.

Pop-up & Pop-under enabled ✔
Text-ads enabled ✔
Banner disabled ✖




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