Actual stats of the premium ad-network : ~100M pages views and ~250k clicks per day. Actual stats of the PTC : N/C views.


For all important informations about our ad-network, we will add a news on this page.

300 day(s) agoAvertising now ! Before your first deposit, add this coupon : FIRSTDEPO and you will get 20% extra of your deposit ! So for a 0.1 BTC deposit, you will get for 0.12 BTC worth in your Advertiser Balance ! BTC deposits are auto-converted into IDA Token without any fees. This coupon works also for IDA TOKEN deposits.

403 day(s) agoPTC is available again with this new version... Go grab some free coins ! IDA TOKEN is now active into the whole as main currency !

425 day(s) agoPTC is actually disabled and will stay disabled untill any new notice. We are working on a new version and we will inform you when it will be ready to release.

431 day(s) agoMoving the currency to a new TRON trc10 token. IDA should be available on soon and replace the bitcoin. Bitcoin will be still available for deposit and auto-converted to IDA Token.

466 day(s) agoA support chat is added and will become the new way to contact us. It should help us to answer you ASAP.

518 day(s) agoNew scripts for publishers : you do not have anything to do.
The new script will avoid any loading time for your website : Your website will be loaded and then our ads... If any bit-ad server issue happend, your website won't be slowed.

524 day(s) agoA new referral system is added. You will be able to earn (at this date) 10% of your referrals expenses, splited by this way : 5% into your Advertiser balance and 5% into your user balance.

537 day(s) agoClosed beta. bit-ad is not open yet.

553 day(s) agoPre-release of



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